TasTESOL 2016 Conference

Talk About Languages

Saturday 21st May 2016

9.00am – 4.15pm

Sacred Heart College

2 Cross Street, New Town, Hobart

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Two keynote presentations with a special interest in all language learning, not just EAL/D

Dr Russell Cross

Senior Lecturer Languages & literacy Education, Melbourne Graduate School of Education University,

Melbourne University

Content based language teaching, Topic based language teaching, Communicative language teaching and now,

Content & Language Integrated Learning – what’s new that CLIL could possibly tell us that we don’t already know?!

Dr Shem Macdonald

Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and Language Education, School of Education

Latrobe University Melbourne

Creating a culture for pronunciation learning in and out of the classroom’ (Time for audience questions included)



Click here to access the talk by Jack Williamson

on his experiences training English teachers in Nepal


In addition to the Tas TESOL Conference

2016 International TESOL Conference in Perth WA. April 7 – 11

Registration now open.

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Thursday 20th August- Bill Mc Cann- Pronunciation: sounds correction

Note: by popular demand, this is a repeat of the session Bill ran at the recent TasTESOL Conference.

This session aims to provide teachers with a stock of ideas for correcting and/or teaching sounds (more) confidently. We will listen to sound bites of 3 or 4 students speaking and identify some of their pronunciation problems (mainly sounds rather than stress or intonation); then in pairs/3s, we’ll discuss on-the-spot ideas for correcting the problems and pool these ideas. In addition, depending on time, some practice activities and long-term strategies for addressing pronunciation issues will be highlighted and collected.




 2015 TasTESOL Conference papers available



Welcome to the website of TasTESOL, the professional association for Tasmanians with an interest in the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages. Tasmania attracts many migrants, visitors and international students who want to learn English. It also participates fully in Australia’s humanitarian migrant program. The state has a vibrant community of dedicated and highly skilled teachers and tutors teaching ESOL through a range of education providers and training institutions.

TasTESOL provides opportunities for these people to meet for social and professional reasons in a friendly and supportive atmosphere by holding local meetings and an annual state conference. Also, through its affiliation with the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA), it provides its members with access to current research, opinions and resources in the TESOL field and gives them a voice on national and international issues.

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