Membership of TasTESOL is open to anyone with an interest in the TESOL or EAL/D field.

Our members are teachers, volunteer tutors, administrators, trainee teachers and education students, policy makers or other related practitioners with an interest in languages, literacy and/or intercultural issues.

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  • Discounted professional learning for teachers at our local forums and state-wide annual conference
  • Free access to ‘your own’ peer-reviewed annual journal, TESOL in Context, produced by the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA)
  • Reduced registration rates for the biannual international ACTA conference
  • E-bulletins from ACTA and TasTESOL concerning TESOL issues, events, interesting resources and the work of the national and local committees
  • Occasional e-newsletters from other state and territory associations
  • Free attendance at guest-speaker events presented by the Network of Education Associations of Tasmania (NEAT)
  • Opportunities to network: meet new colleagues, keep up with workplace changes and resources, hear about different cohorts of students
  • The satisfaction of contributing to and participating in a professional association

FEES Annual fees cover the full calendar year – 1st January to 31st December. Fees are due from 1st November of the preceding year. Individual $60 (or $45 for a full-time student with proof of enrolment) Institution $50 per staff member (please see below for more information) Institutional membership A single school or institution seeking membership for four or more staff is eligible to request an institution rate of $50 per member. A benefit of institutional membership is that if a nominated member is unable to attend an event, another colleague from the institution can go in their place at the member rate. To apply for institutional membership, contact TasTESOL via our email address, PO Box or a committee member with the name of the institution or school and authorising person and a list of names of the staff who wish to become members. TasTESOL will ask for one payment from the institution (for the total amount) and issue a receipt to the institution. PAYMENT OPTIONS

  1. Direct deposit – please submit your online membership form or send us a paper form and we will contact you with banking details.
  2. Cheque or Money order – please make your cheque or money order out to ‘TasTESOL’ and post it to TasTESOL, PO Box 146, Battery Point, Tas 7004.
  3. Cash (in person to a committee member).

WHERE DOES YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE GO? TasTESOL needs membership fees to help with annual ACTA capitation fees ($20 per member), website maintenance, PO Box rental, conference costs (catering, flights for speakers, etc.), room hire for forums and other incidental costs (e.g. occasional stationery, postage). Financial Reports are presented by the Treasurer at the AGM, and our finances are audited regularly.