Two for one: 1) Readers! 2) From the shelves. 19th October, 2023


Term 4 – Two for one: 1) Readers! 2) From the shelves 

by Mary Blake

This forum was held on Thursday 19th October, 2023. If you are interested in a recording, please contact

Readers! What’s happened to levelled readers? What are decodable or alphabetic readers? What are catch-up readers? What’s the best for you?

From the EAL Library shelves! A selection of EAL resources and then let’s discuss how to use them will be presented.

Mary Blake is renowned around Tasmania for her knowledge and dedication to literature. Mary took over running the EAL library in the mid-2000s and has moved the collection twice now: Once to Derwent Park in 2010 and again to Lindisfarne in 2016.

Mary has been an EAL teacher and EAL librarian for a significant portion of her career.


Term 3 – English language training and cyber safety education to AMEP parents

by Karen Grice

This forum was held on Monday 28th August, 5pm – 6pm

Karen Grice is a Senior Educational Consultant for TAFE Queensland, inspiring teachers to create engaging and impactful learning environments. Karen began her teaching journey as an AMEP teacher, working with clients in the Special Preparatory Program, before moving into digital literacy roles to champion the use of technology in the language classroom. Believing in the transformational role of learning, Karen has worked in roles leading teaching teams and co-delivers trauma-informed workshops across TAFE Queensland. Karen has been actively involved in promoting community-based classes in the AMEP and recently lead a community-based cyber safety education program for refugee parents.

Cyber Safety for AMEP Parents is an innovative project that delivers English language training and cyber safety education to AMEP parents. Underpinned by the belief that community-based education can enhance the learning experience, the project was delivered to AMEP parents in 3 primary schools in collaboration with Community Hubs Australia. Using cohort-specific resources and hands-on learning opportunities, the project aimed to equip parents with the skills and knowledge they need to understand cyber safety risks, and learn how to monitor and manage their children’s online activity.