TasTESOL Spring Forum October 2016

English spelling with a focus on helping Arabic speakers
27 October 2016
Derwent Sailing Squadron, Sandy Bay, Hobart

Dr Giovanna MacFarlane, UTAS English Language Centre, discusses how English spelling patterns can be found and presented to speakers of Arabic and other languages to help them overcome difficulties with spelling.

TasTESOL Spring Forum Oct 2016 – Flier

TasTESOL Winter Forum August 2016

Inspire and aspire
6 August 2016
C Block, TasTAFE, Launceston

Dr Paul Kebble, UTAS, discusses how teachers’ resilience towards second-hand trauma can be developed in situations where students who have arrived in Australia as humanitarian migrants begin to share their stories of violence, persecution and displacement with teachers they trust.

TasTESOL Winter Forum Aug 2016 Launceston – Program

Sing with me – workshop notes

TasTESOL Winter Forum Aug 2016 Launceston – Certificate of attendance

TasTESOL Conference 2016

Talk About Languages
21 May 2016
Sacred Heart College, New Town, Hobart

Keynote presentations:

Dr Russel Cross, Senior Lecturer, Languages and Literacy Education, Melbourne University. ‘Content based language teaching, Topic based language teaching, Communicative language teaching and now, Content & Language Integrated Learning – what’s new that CLIL could possibly tell us that we don’t already know?!’

Dr Shem Macdonald, Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and Language Education, School of Education, La Trobe University, Melbourne. ‘Creating a culture for pronunciation learning in and out of the classroom.’

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TasTESOL Conference 2016 – Program

TasTESOL Conference 2016 – Flier

Russell Cross – PPT Slides

Russell Cross – Visuals for PPT Presentation

Shem Macdonald – Handout